Ollie needed a Guardian Angel

He was silently suffering and in need of specialist surgery

After he was sadly surrendered to the shelter, Ollie quickly became a staff favourite. While he was being cared for at the shelter, our team noticed that Ollie had a strange gait when he walked and seemed as though he was in pain when he moved. X-rays revealed that Ollie was silently suffering with dreadful hip dysplasia. 

Our team coordinated a plan with various specialists to help Ollie. After his first corrective surgery failed to fix his affliction, it took a second surgery to remove the hip ball entirely and many months of rehabilitation.

In recovery with his foster carer, Ollie was under strict crate rest for weeks barely able to walk. Sometimes the only thing that could be done was just to sit by Ollie to ease his loneliness.

Gradually, Ollie began to heal and with attentive help, learnt to do his favourite things again like chase a ball and hop up on the couch!

Ollie now moves about in his new home with ease. Finding different people to play with and coerce into giving him cuddles - which isn’t hard.

We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without your support.

By making a donation this Christmas, you’ll become a Guardian Angel for an animal just like Ollie who desperately need our help.

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