Mila's Journey

mila's journey 1

When Mila arrived at the RSPCA ACT she was extremely emaciated, every bone in her body was visible and her face was sunken. She had completely shut down.

Mila's journey 2

Mila is a large breed dog but weighed just 18.5 kilograms and was terrified of everyone and everything. After a vet’s inspection it was evident she had starved.

Mila was slowly introduced onto small meals and gradually evolved to an adult diet. She was resocialised slowly – first by just one or two staff members, eventually Mila began to trust other staff and volunteers.

Mila's journey 3

After several months of rehabilitation Mila blossomed into the beautiful animal she had once been and weighed a healthy 36.5 kilograms when she was adopted by her Guardian Angels. 

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