Animals like Bosley need your help

This Christmas, will you please become a Guardian Angel for an animal like Bosley, who had his tail dangerously docked as a puppy?

This Christmas, animals like Bosley, a young Corgi who suffered terrible cruelty, will come through our shelter doors needing lots of loving care after suffering horrible abuse and neglect.

Please will you become a Guardian Angel and help provide all the essential care that a vulnerable animal like Bosley needs while they wait to find their forever home?

Bosley was one of a litter of seven puppies rescued from a cruel breeder. RSPCA Inspector Michelle was called to an apartment after two puppies, only a few days old, were found dumped in the building’s waste disposal. It’s likely they’d died that morning. Their owner hadn’t removed the elastic bands he’d wrapped so tightly around around their tails.

Tail docking has been illegal in Australia for nearly 15 years. It’s painful. And it’s dangerous. Thanks to the generous support of animal lovers like you, Bosley and his siblings were brought to safety.

But more animals urgently need your help. Please will you help care for an animal over this Christmas period?

From a safe, clean and comfy bed to urgent vet treatment, you’ll ensure they have everything they need before they find their forever home.

You can choose to help a dog, a cat or leave us to surprise you when we send you a special card containing the photo and details of the animal you’re helping to care for in our shelter.

Please become a Guardian Angel now and help give an animal like Bosley the love, kindness and care they need.

Give the gift of kindness to animals in need this Christmas

Become an RSPCA Guardian Angel today.


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