Chicory’s story

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At the start of her life, poor, sweet Chicory was confused. She’s a young Red Heeler, so all she wanted to do was stretch her legs, run, socialise, express her natural behaviours. But she was in darkness.

When RSPCA Victoria’s inspectors rescued Chicory, she was just a pup, confined to a small, filthy trailer. Chicory was one of more than 70 dogs rescued from a non-compliant commercial breeding operation in rural Victoria.

If you received our letter outlining Chicory’s story, we wanted to let you know we noticed an error after it was printed. Although 77 dogs were rescued across the two areas, for the 56 dogs found at the park, the local council who assisted with immediate shelter retained four dogs at the council facilities. This means 73 came into RSPCA Victoria’s direct care, which I’m sure you’ll agree is still a tremendous amount! Please accept our apologies, and thank you for your support.

We think it’s important to tell you Chicory’s story because it’s by no means an isolated incident. All over the country, the RSPCA confronts similar stories just like Chicory’s… And it never gets any easier.

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