This Christmas, will you be a Guardian Angel to an animal like Buck, who was left to starve?

Buck, a sweet-natured staffy cross, was found in the backyard of a house in regional Victoria.

He was completely emaciated. You could see every bone in his ribcage and every bump of his spine. The RSPCA vet that examined Buck estimated he had been left without proper food for up to 14 days – that’s like going from Christmas Eve right through to the 7th January with nothing to eat.

Sadly, stories like Buck’s are not unique  each day across Victoria, RPSCA Inspectors rescue animals just like him.

Poor Buck survived by drinking dirty water in containers around the backyard. He was so desperately hungry but all he could find to chew on was grass.

When an RSPCA Inspector arrived, Buck was wary – until he sniffed food. Then Buck found the strength to wag his tail. He knew someone had come to rescue him.

Today, we’re asking you to be a Guardian Angel and help care for an animal like Buck, an animal who has no one but us this Christmas. You’ll help provide a whole package of care, from clean bedding to vet treatment – and even a Christmas treat.

To say thank you, you’ll receive a special gift card that you can print out, with the details and a photo of the animal you’re helping.

These animals need you. Like Buck, many of them have been through terrible cruelty and neglect. As a Guardian Angel, you can watch over them as they make their recovery and prepare for the next chapter – in their forever home.

Please become a Guardian Angel now and help give an animal like Buck the love, kindness and care they need.

Give the gift of kindness to animals in need this Christmas

Become an RSPCA Guardian Angel today.


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