Inspector Genna has attended so many cruelty and neglect cases. But she was shocked when she saw little Bandit for the first time.

His fur was so heavily matted and he was obviously in pain.

He snapped and growled at Inspector Genna, even though she was there to help him. This was going to be a challenge for him, and for Inspector Genna.

Imagine how scared he must have been – not knowing that a better life was just around the corner.

Bandit had been living outside in a garden in the South West. Bandit’s owner said that he hadn’t been clipped for months, but it was more like years. She knew she couldn’t provide proper care for Bandit, so surrendered him to the Inspector.

Bandit was in so much pain from the heavy matting of his fur pulling on his skin. He couldn’t bear to be handled and would snap and try to bite anyone who tried.

The vets removed over a kilo of matted fur. They had trouble finding his tail from the large clumps of matted fur. Bandit was given a dose of pain relief to ease his discomfort.

Bandit’s road to recovery had begun, but it was not going to be easy.

It’s likely that Bandit had not been taken to a vet very often, and his matted fur was covering up a number of other health issues that needed to be treated.

Thanks to generous people like you, he would be able to get all the medical treatment and care he needed to recover.

With daily gentle care, some anxiety medication and behaviour exercises, Bandit started to show signs of improvement in his behaviour. After a week or so, he stopped growling at animal attendants, or trying to snap at them when they wanted to take him for a walk.

Bandit’s future was uncertain before he was rescued – but thanks to incredible supporters like you, he has now found his loving new home.

Here’s what Bandit’s new owner had to say about their new family member:

It’s so sad to think about Bandit’s life before us – he has such a beautiful nature and character that I can’t imagine him not getting to experience being loved.

He fitted into the family amazingly fast! He makes us laugh all the time with his cheeky and playful personality, and then gives us so much love and affection… He just wants to be loved.

It’s obvious that Bandit has found his permanent loving home.

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