Retrievers. Koolies. Collies.

Faeces. Urine. Flies.

Liz and her sister Heather were two of the 36 dogs and pups our Inspectors rescue from a living hell.

An intensive breeding factory, in a sweltering, filthy tin shed. With little or no drinking water and contaminated food, during a hot Australian summer.

We’re expecting to have up to 5,000 animals just like Heather and Liz coming into our shelter over the Christmas period and we need your help.

They have no home and no family. They only have us. At this critical point in their lives.

Please will you become a Guardian Angel and give them the care they need?

When you do you'll provide vet checks, flea treatments, bandages, microchipping, clean bedding and water. Hugs, pats, walks and love. Everything a wounded animal needs to recover.

Plus you'll receive a special Christmas gift card with a photo and the details of the animal you're helping to care for.

You can help stop animal cruelty this Christmas. Become a Guardian Angel and meet the animal you're watching over now.

Give the gift of kindness to animals in need this Christmas

Become an RSPCA Guardian Angel today.


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